devices :: U1 WaveGiver

The WaveGiver serves as a fully buffered signal distribution device with switchable PHONO and LINE inputs.
It can be used as a base of a simple on-the-road sound system or for distributing the sound in a club or cafe.

The separately controlled summed output can be used e.g. to operate a subwoofer.

This device is powered from a standard single 12 volt power supply.

Features [ show / hide ]

  • RCA (chinch) stereo PHONO input (back)
  • RCA (chinch) stereo LINE input (back)
  • 1/4" JACK stereo LINE input disconnecting the RCA LINE on plug in (back)
  • PHONO/LINE input switch (front)
  • LED indicators for input source (front)
  • INPUT knob with 0-200% gain range (front)
  • 4 separete left channel output volume knobs (front)
  • 4 separete right channel output volume knobs (front)
  • 4 left channel output 1/4" JACKs (back)
  • 4 right channel output 1/4" JACKs (back)
  • knob for the mono sum of left and right channel (front)
  • summed mono output 1/4" JACK (back)
  • switch for linking the left channels to the right channels knobs (front)
  • 12 V standard power input socket (back)